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Code is the source of truth
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Integral analyzes each line of code, and build, not just APIs, to present your total Enterprise Architecture, automate actions in response to changes, and filter what is important to you for action and attention.

Features and Values


Get notified in email, Slack, or otherwise for an incompatible API change. Trigger on a new dependency or a blacklisted dependency. Be in the know about a new user of a service.

The Trigger system in Integral lets you know about changes working through the repository, BEFORE their effects hit production.


How do different applications and services connect? Via what communications and storage modes?

The Enterprise View shows how applications communicate to each other and which libraries or protocols they use. To ease communication, this view can be re-sorted in various geometries.


Integral automatically provides the commonly used layer diagrams. Just import your repository, and your diagram is ready for use in your presentations.


What are the large components that come together to build an application? Receive module flow diagrams instantly.


How do the architecturally relevant structures of a service or application flow together? Does this reveal any anti-patterns or specification drift? Zoom directly to API definitions, documentation, and source code associated with the architecture you’re exploring.


Want to explore new code, or code new to you? See complexity maps of modules, zoom directly to design and code, highlight API producer and consumers and more.


Hierarchical views of API producers and consumers, zoom directly to their parameters, find example users in your language and framework of choice, and inspect implementations.

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