Acme Air (IBM), JEE vs Spring Implementations
February 27, 2016
Physical Dependencies at CERN
February 27, 2016

Micro-Services at SoundCloud

Knowing what you have, or what’s new is half the battle. Whole companies and projects spring up for registries and automating the information in them. For example, see this great SoundCloud presentation. They clearly feel the pain and are taking steps to deal with it. A common problem with registries, though is that the people who have the costs from bureaucracy, don’t have the benefits, from the information. So, that information tends to drift. Integral deletes those costs, and gives benefits to all participants for real time information on architecture, code navigation, dependency visualization, etc. etc. etc. Please view one of our demonstrations or get in touch for more information on how Integral can help your new and existing code immediately.

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