Physical Dependencies at CERN
February 27, 2016
OrientDB logo success with OrientDB graph database
January 16, 2017

Great Registry, Bad Meta-Data at Spotify

In a great talk,, Spotify has some advanced service architectures, and has taken great pains to assist with use, documentation, owner registration and the like. In those tasks, they’re demonstrating they’re similar to the challenges we all face. We’re not pointing fingers at Spotify for a failure, but actually congratulating the lucidity of acknowledging “We have a lot of really dirty data in our system and one reason is the owners don’t benefit from the quality of their metadata directly.” This is common to just about any software effort. As we’ve said elsewhere, and Spotify grant, this is an intractable problem when treated manually, so a change in process is needed so that the code itself is the source of truth, and still used in a way that is clear for daily use. We invite anyone with these issues, whether with these types of registries, or just paper notes, to try Integral.

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