Great Registry, Bad Meta-Data at Spotify
June 22, 2016
Microservices at Uber
January 16, 2017 success with OrientDB graph database

OrientDB logo

Kindly highlighted by OrientDB case study, Integral uses the OrientDB embedded graph database to store and analyze the massive number of relationships and datatypes that underlie “Real-Time Architecture.” Bringing together analysis of the architecturally significant forms found in the analyzed code-bases with other external data sources, Integral is able ot keep code as the source of truth. No new code or documentation is created about code in order to analyze it. Instead, the code, and what it might analyze is what is displayed. OrientDB, a native graph database, combines an easy deployment method, great performance, and a low resource footprint to make for a successful solution. This will also facilitate adding additional data sources and change triggers as Integral expands integration coverage. Want to learn more? info at massiv dot io

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