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Massiv.io success with OrientDB graph database
January 16, 2017
Netflix Trade-offs for API re-architecture
January 16, 2017

Microservices at Uber

InfoQ has a great presentation, from Matt Ranney of Uber, about micro-services deployments, and some alternate non-microservices strategies when the former might not be the most appropriate. Integral analyzes microservices, monoliths, libraries and other forms together, so whatever your mix of strategies, or mix of architectures that have grown over time, Massiv.io can present the right information to the right people. We have indeed seen instances where services proliferate to the point that knowing the map, or knowing of change across the map can become serious challenges. Instead, Integral can make this knowledge acquisition automatic, without overhead in changing code or documentation. Integral keeps code as the source of truth.

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