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January 16, 2017
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July 26, 2017

Run-time vs Source-based Analysis

Run-time application performance management (APM) is probably the most common type of monitoring in the market today, and it certain yields a wealth of useful data for users of many types. In fact, Integral will integrate this type of data without duplicating effort to highlight performance and quality hotspots in code bases. We feel that source-based analysis brings several additional advantages to Architects, developers, and ops personnel that make it a worthwhile.

  • Run-time analysis, by definition, analyzes systems already in production. This can be the time when changes are most expensive, and impacts from failures most severe. Therefore, with source-based analysis from Integral, there’s a chance to gain the insight into interconnections, both in terms of loads, dependencies, and changes before anything goes into operation. The possibilities for improvements and savings are huge.
  • Run-time analysis will most likely highlight the most commonly executed logic paths, which are probably also the “happy” paths around which design and testing was most complete. With source-based analysis, alternate, less used and potentially more risky paths can be uncovered allowing a great amount of de-risking.
  • Source-based analysis can help disparate teams and partners know what code they are joining and make better predictions of timelines and costs.
  • Source-based analysis allows deeper change analysis, as it can distinguish what actual code changed, not just what behavior has appeared or disappeared.
  • Source-based analysis has the least impact on the overall system, no run-time agents, no code changes from Integral. You can know your knowledge is reliable as code is the source of truth.

In sum, source-based analysis adds significant strategic and tactical help for architects, developers and ops, and can actually decrease bureaucratic overhead. We therefore believe it is a worthwhile addition to your environment and welcome your comments or usage at

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